The Western diet otherwise known as Standard American Diet or SAD diet has resulted in a shift of our fatty acid intake. Americans are now consuming less animal fat and more vegetable oils. The result of this is a deficiency in omega-3 fatty acids while getting too much of the omega-6 fatty acids, which are highly inflammatory. This imbalance between the two essential fatty acids is a major cause of systemic inflammation which contributes to chronic disease. Bone broth made from all grass-fed Beef bones such as Best of the Bone contains omega-3 fatty acids and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) which helps to offset that imbalance thus reducing inflammation in the body. In addition, a balance of good quality fats is critical for cellular function, brain function, and some hormone formation.

In parallel with this, by choosing perfectly trimmed cuts of lean meat, chicken and fish, while eating less gelatin and collagen rich foods such as bone broth and fatty cuts of meat, a significant shift in our amino acid intake has occurred.

We know that our hunter-gatherer ancestors consumed an animal from nose to tail providing an abundance of bone, connective tissue and cartilage in their diets. We have a need for high quality protein in our diets for growth, repair, immune, hormone formation and metabolic processes.  Bones contain an abundance of minerals as well as 17 different amino acids (building blocks for protein), many of which are found in bone broth.  Gelatin, the chief constituent of bone broth is extraordinarily rich in amino acids like proline for healthy collagen and cartilage, glycine for healthy blood, fat digestion and detoxification processes, glutamine for gut health and immunity, and alanine for liver function and energy production.  These are best obtained from high-quality gelatin in bone broth from all grass-fed cows such as Best of the Bone bone broth. In addition, New Zealand and Australian sourced beef bones using natural grazing practices prevents contamination from toxins like herbicides and added hormones