Organic Beef Organ Capsules

Our New Organic Beef Organ Capsules are made from organic grass-fed and grass-finished beef organs.  First, we use ethically sourced beef heart, beef liver, and beef kidney in our organ complex capsules.  Second, organs are the most nutrient-dense part of any animal.  Lastly,  these are the most prized organs from a nutritional standpoint.  Take our organic beef organ complex capsules with a cup of Best of the Bone bone broth to ensure maximum nutrient absorption and efficient metabolizing while adding another great nutrient-dense food.

Why Best of the Bone?

Best of the Bone beef is sourced from Lake Eyre in Central Australia.  Grass-fed and finished they graze only on native grasses unique to Australia.  The Central Australian soil is untouched by chemicals therefore is rich in essential nutrients.  These humanely raised and healthy cattle are free to roam thousands of kilometers in Australia’s outback.

How they are made

Freeze-dried raw, using a cold processing technology avoiding the heat processing of most capsules which can cause important vitamins and minerals to break down. Organic Beef Organ Complex Capsules are encapsulated for easy consumption.  Best of the Bone capsules are non-GMO, dairy, and gluten-free.

Why Organ Meats?

Dr. Weston A. Price in his studies around the world discovered that:  All traditional cultures consume some sort of animal food, such as fish and shellfish; land and water fowl; land and sea mammals; eggs; milk and milk products; reptiles; and insects. The whole animal is consumed—muscle meat, organs, bones, and fat, with the organ meats and fats, preferred.  For more information click here

Don’t like the taste of organ meats?  Best of the Bone Organic Beef Organ Capsules are a great way to get nutrient-dense organ products into your diet without worrying about the cooking, taste, or texture!


Children 2 capsules daily, Adults 3 capsules daily.