Best of the Bone
Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Best of the Bone 

“The best bone broth in the World”?

First, let’s start with sourcing our bones from all grass-fed beef from Australia and New Zealand.  We use the largest leg bones that contain the most marrow.  We then slow cook the bones for over 48 hours to extract the most nutrients.  Other brands only simmer there bones for 24 hours or less in some cases.  Powdered broths use high heat for processing (yes it is a processed food) denaturing the nutrients.  We start with the best quality broth then add organic herbs, spices or mushrooms to flavor the broths adding more beneficial nutrients.

How Long Will Best of the Bone Stay Fresh?

Best of the Bone is preserved with sea salt, while we don’t believe it will ever go bad if refrigerated.  We consider the shelf live as follows;  10 months from the date of manufacture if unopened and stored at below 72 degrees.  After opening we recommend refrigeration which will keep it fresh for up to a year from that date.  However if a jar lasts more than a month you are not receiving the full benefit from the nutrient density that Best of the Bone delivers.

What is the serving size for Best of the Bone?

The recommended serving size for a sipping broth is 1 teaspoon of Best of the Bone concentrate in 12 oz of water.  Of course you can adjust this for taste.  Some may want a little more some a little less but 1 teaspoon will give you plenty of the available nutrients.  Personally I use a tad more concentrate in 16 oz of water.

How many servings of Best of the Bone should I expect per jar?

That will depend on your taste and may even vary depending on the flavor.  At the suggested, serving size you should get 30 to 35 servings per jar.  I recently did a totally unscientific experiment with a traditional long handled teaspoon and using, what I think was a tad more than a teaspoon I was able to get 30 servings from one jar.

What is Best of the Bone broth concentrate costs per serving?

If you stick with the suggested serving of 1 teaspoon per 12 oz of water as a sipping broth you should get 30 to 35 servings.  That puts your cost per serving at about $1.00 per serving.  Best of the Bone has the lowest cost per serving for a high quality bone broth!