ENERGYbits® Algae

ENERGYbits® Algae tablets Compared To Other Algae:

ENERGYbits® Algae tablets are a nutrient-dense dried vegetable that is ingested as a snack, added to smoothies, or
swallowed. Algae is a harvested food that is grown hydroponically (in water), similar to other crops like kale
or broccoli. That is why algae is a food crop. It is not an artificially made supplement.
ENERGYbits® Algae tablets are endorsed and sold by doctors, spas, trainers, clinics, and wellness professionals. We
have earned their trust by establishing high-quality controls that allow us to provide the highest quality,
nutrient-dense, toxin-free algae in the world. Some of our best practices are noted below.

Growing Process:

● Our algae is grown in Taiwan- which is world-renowned for having the highest quality algae and the
strictest regulations to ensure the safety and quality of any algae grown there.
● The company that grows our algae for us has passed rigorous certifications including ISO 9000 and
GMP certification (Good Manufacturing Procedures) to ensure all quality control standards are the
● Our algae is non-GMO and grown organically. It takes two months to grow/dry/package each new
● Growing algae is a very sophisticated farming process and the farms are the size of 5-10 football
● Our algae is grown in shallow outdoor containers/tanks using triple-filtered spring mountain water
which is one of the many contributors to the safety and purity of our algae.
○ Water is a key component to the purity of ENERGYbits® Algae tablets. The quality and purity of any
algae is highly dependent on the quality of the water.
○ The water used for our algae is tested for purity and alkalinity on a regular basis.

Guaranteed Purity and Safety:

● After harvest, ENERGYbits® Algae tablets are air-dried using low heat to preserve enzymes and nutritional integrity.
○ Other brands use high heat to dry their algae which destroys many of the nutritional
benefits. This process is less expensive and also yields a lesser quality algae.
○ Our dried algae powder is then pressed into tablets.
● No binders or coatings are used in our process.
○ This is why our algae bits are 100% pure and contain only one ingredient (unlike lower-quality

● Chlorella has the hardest exterior cellulose wall in the plant kingdom and its nutrients cannot be
absorbed by your body unless it is cracked.
○ Most other companies use the original technique patented by Sun Chlorella to crack the cell
wall. Spirulina does not have to be cracked because it has no cellulose wall.
○ We use a sound chamber which is a newer, more expensive, and much SAFER technology that
uses sound waves to crack our chlorella.
○ The original technique to crack the chlorella was by tumbling it with glass beads. This
technique has been used for the last 50 years but it is dangerous because as the glass heats
up, lead from the glass leaks into the chlorella and becomes contaminated.  lead is a
contaminant known to cause brain disorders and birth defects.   The levels of lead in the
chlorella sold by most other companies are so high, that a few years ago some were forced by the State of California to
put a warning on their packaging. This warning is required by the State of California for any product that contains more than 0.5
mcg of lead”. Unfortunately, all the other chlorella companies who use this
technique to crack the chlorella are still being allowed to sell their chlorella in the USA and
Canada even though it contains high amounts of lead.

Import process:

○ ENERGYbits® algae tablets are imported in bulk to the United States.
○ Bulk importation protects our algae from irradiation that prepackaged foods experience.


○ The purity of ENERGYbits® Algae tablets is confirmed by two sets of lab tests to ensure it is toxin-free.
○ The first lab tests are done in Taiwan.
○ The second set of lab tests is done in the USA by an FDA-approved lab.
○ We provide the lab tests to our practitioners/retailers.
This is why we can give you full assurance that our algae is free of toxins, free of metals, free of any
contaminants, and that the nutritional profile is exactly what we say it is.


○ Packaged in FDA-approved packaging facilities in UV-protected bags to protect the
○ Unopened, ENERGYbits® Algae tablets have a shelf life of at least two years. Our bags are specially coated
to protect the algae from 99.9% of UV rays which is known to affect the potency of
chlorophyll (which is what makes it green).
○ Many other suppliers do not take as much care in their packaging and often sell their
spirulina capsules in light-colored jars. This can cause the spirulina or chlorella to be
ineffective and by the time it is purchased in a store, it may have lost a great deal of its
nutritional benefits.


● Our spirulina and chlorella is 99% absorbable because all of the protein is already in amino acid
form, and since there are NO other ingredients, not even a gel cap, ALL of it is absorbed. This
compares to many of the gel caps or other suppliers who mix fillers into their spirulina and chlorella
and you might need 10-20 times as much to get the same nutrients in ours.
● Just like beef, there are different “grades” of spirulina and chlorella. The “lower quality” grades have
fewer nutrients, lower concentrations of protein, and less potency, thus once again you would need
10-20 times as much of it to match the nutrient-dense nature of ENERGYbits®.

What we do:

All we do is sell algae. We are also the first algae company to do a deep dive into the 100,000 studies about
algae so we could explain algae to consumers and athletes using simplified terms. We take great pride in our
brand and in the standards that we set. Virtually all others who sell algae also sell other products/
supplements and do not have the depth of knowledge that we do. We are algae experts. And just like when
you go to an expert for anything, we offer the best. We are setting the gold standard for spirulina and
chlorella for the term. We value health, honesty, ethics, and quality and if you value these too, you will be in
good hands with us and with our algae.
Disclaimer: The information contained here is for educational purposes only and is not recommended as a
means of diagnosing or treating an illness.