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Best of the Bone

Kristy Corah NTP, of Healthy Living Nutritional Therapy (Better Health Through Fasting), and John Bridges NTP, of Bridge to Vitality (Specializing in Overall Health and Vitality Through Better Digestion) are both Nutritional Therapists. We discovered “Best of the Bone” from Australia and have partnered with the manufacturer to bring this great product to the U.S.

A snippet about us

Kristy is our social media guru, managing our Facebook, Instagram, and other social media accounts and putting together our videos.  Kristy lives in California is an avid cyclist, and loves to cook with Best of the Bone.   Be on the lookout for some great recipes from her.  

John lives in South West Washington where he tries not to injure himself on the golf course and is a Porsche Boxter enthusiast.  John manages our website, and newsletter and is the shipping and warehouse expert.  John doesn’t go a day without a large cup of Best of the Bone!

Kristy and John graduated from the Nutritional Therapy Association program as Nutritional Therapy Practitioners. 

About Best of the Bone

Best of the Bone grass-fed bone broth concentrate super-foods.  One of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet and the richest bone broths in terms of gut, joint, brain, skin and bone benefits.  From certified and audited grass-fed bones – via the planet’s only government audited grass-fed program (MPI of New Zealand).  This is NOT a denatured powder, but a complete bone broth.  

Best of the Bone grass-fed bone broths are made in a USA FSIS Approved Facility, HACCP compliant (worldwide safety standards), MSA Certified.

Made in Australia with Australian and New Zealand grass-fed certified beef leg bones.

Compliance: Compliant with the Australian Standards and Overseas Country Requirements and Australian Quarantine Inspection Service as well as HACCP compliant.  In short, the production of this product adheres to the strictest standards

Why is "Best of the Bone" The Worlds Best Bone Broth

We start with certified grass-fed beef leg bones which have the highest marrow content.  Then we slow cook them for 48+ hours.  This pulls the most nutrients possible out of the bones.  Nutrients like essential fatty acids that have a near perfect ratio of omega 3 to omega 6.  Omega 3 is high in EPA and DHA.  These fatty acids are called essential because our bodies do not readily produce them, we must get them from our food and bone broth is the best for doing that.  Fatty acids are critical to brain and cardiovascular health. 

The result of our hard work is a condensed liquid, marrow rich, nutrient dense natural whole food which is extremely high in collagen that is bio-available and has not been de-natured by high heat or other processing.   Best of all it tastes good!

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